Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February is the Month to Bust Your Butt!

          And we have a winner! February's focus will be on butt busting workouts! I know we're halfway through the month but I have a confession to make and I promise this is a very good excuse for neglecting you all for so long. I'm pregnant! And not only that, I'm literally sick and tired so it's been rough trying to do anything so the blog has taken a back seat. Sorry! But I'll try my best to make things better by helping you to get a better butt this month!
          This post is super short but I wanted to get you started right away since I took a break for a few weeks. This workout comes from fitnessmagazine.com and I love it! The first time I did it I had been running for a few months and had figured my butt was pretty toned. Boy was I wrong! I was so sore the next day! Check this video out and give it a try! It's only 5 minutes and you can add it to your regular toning routine during the week. Check back soon for some of my personal butt busting workouts (and don't forget to take next month's poll)!

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