Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises

     I bought this book while student teaching at a high school hoping that it would give me some good ideas for my weight training classes as well as my toning and sculpting classes and I love it! The book is broken down into chapters based on muscle groups so it's easier to search for specific exercises. For example, if I want to work out my legs I head to the two chapters devoted to different parts of my legs. The different exercises have a basic move and then pictures and descriptions for variations to make moves easier, harder, or just a little different to work your muscle a little differently. I've even been able to make my own variations based on what they show me. All pictures are in full color with really easy to understand descriptions of how the exercise is done. Some exercises require equipment and some use body weight. Either way the exercises are amazing and I've even found ways to get around having some of the equipment. Each chapter has a ton of exercises so you never feel like there's only one way to work a muscle. With each different exercise and all its variations you'll never get bored!
     Also included in the book are ready-made workouts such as "The Bikini-Ready Workout" "The Skinny Jeans Workout" and "The Best Body-Weight Workouts." I've followed several of the workouts and have been very pleased with my results. I felt more tight after a few workouts, and more toned after a week or two. Besides workouts, there are some tips on nutrition, cardio workouts, and a chapter devoted to answering your weight lifting questions. I've thoroughly enjoyed having this book and I know my workouts have been a lot better planned out and balanced with the help of this amazing book!
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  1. The diet section of this book is also great for a general "good health and weight loss" program. Follow this and you will see results. But, if you really want to "get ripped" and blow everyone away in a bikini come summer time (awesome abs, super sexy butt and legs, well defined arms, etc), most people will have to diet harder than this book suggests.

    If you're on the fence on this book, get off of it and buy it. It will help you no matter what stage of fitness you are at.