Sunday, October 10, 2010

Turbo Jam

So I'd heard a lot about the Turbo Jam workout from BeachBody and I wanted to try it for myself. I love to kickbox and I knew that's mostly what it was but I was a little scared of the "dancy" part of it I'd heard about. I am no dancer by any means. I'm really glad I bought this program anyway, the dancing is no big deal and it is SO much fun! Chalene Johnson is so cute and so fun and she's really good at motivating you to keep it up.
The first workout on the DVD is the "Learn and Burn." Doing this workout first is so important because she describes and has you practice the moves she uses most. There are 11 moves she takes you through and then there is a 16 minute workout combining all of the things you learned. I love that there is a "Learn and Burn" segment on the DVD because it really makes for a near flawless transition into the workouts she has. A lot of programs never describe how to do the moves and it takes several times through the workout before you start to get the hang of things. I felt like I could do anything Chalene asked of me, when she asked me to do it. I didn't have to stop and watch a few times before attempting the move myself. I loved that! I could have a seamless workout with no pauses to learn the moves.
The 20-Minute Workout, Turbo Sculpt, Cardio Party, and Ab Jam are all a lot of fun and Chalene does a great job of helping you to hang in there and see the workout through. She's also scheduled in water breaks through the cardio workouts which is great. I always feel like I need some water to keep my throat from getting too dry when I breathe heavily after something like that.
You can buy this program directly from BeachBody complete with a workout schedule, meal plans, and a few other neat things or you can buy just the DVDs for less at the Turbo Fit Store. I have the workout plans I can post if any of you would like to buy the DVDs only.
Try this program out, it's tons of fun, guaranteed to make you sweat and shed the pounds!

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